What Is A Smart TV?

The word ‘smart’ seems to be appearing all over the technological world; smartphone, smart refrigerator, smart oven etc.

Smart TVs have recently surfaced, and their capabilities are dramatically improving with each model that is released, keeping them on a path to becoming a type of all in one device. As a result it is quite difficult to keep up with the latest offerings, and here we look at some of these.

LG have been in the smart TV business for a while now and are one of the major competitors in the field. Their latest release, the G2 Smart TV, is their first smart TV that is 3D enabled. It uses the Google TV 2.0 interface and supports a dual core CPU. However the most impressive addition to this model is a gesture-controlled “magic” remote control.

The control has two parts, the right side with normal button functions and the left with an integrated touch area for controlling the set. The control also has a built in microphone, enabling voice commands to be sent to the TV. Similarly to Nintendo’s Wii sensor bar, the TV has an IR sensor.

Samsung have taken a similar route with their latest smart TVs, using the Google TV 2.0 interface. They have also focussed on the remote control, completely stripping back the array of buttons to leave a smooth and sleek design. The remote doesn’t quite have LG’s integrated touch area but more of a laptop track pad. It does however include a built in microphone for voice commands.

But Samsung has taken steps in other areas that really give it an edge. Samsung has aligned itself with Microsoft’s Kinect technology, installing a web cam that tracks and enables a user to move a cursor around the screen, Minority Report Style. A clench of the fist means to select the option. If waving your arms around isn’t quite the look you want, you could always download Samsung’s free SmartView app to your mobile device, turning it into the remote instead.

So you have set all your preferences, and then a family member takes over. Well fear not because Samsung’s latest offerings also entail face-detection. The web cam recognises the person in front of it and opens their Smart Hub account, ready with all their preferred settings and favourites.

Although not released yet, and in fact no mention of a release at all, Apple’s iTV is set to hit retailers at some point in the near future. Even though still rumours, the TV will incorporate a number of Apple technologies such as AirPlay, Siri and a built in iSight camera for making free FaceTime video calls.

With an increasing number of products and appliances becoming Wi-Fi enabled, such as wireless printers, refrigerators and ovens, it is only a matter of time before the TV will become the central control point of the household.

Author: danielmoeller

Daniel Moeller was born in Berlin, Germany. He studied in London and wrote his thesis on social media marketing. Now he works for a London-based PR company. He also loves blogging about developments in social media in his spare time.

26 thoughts on “What Is A Smart TV?”

  1. There are many top MNC’s developing series of smart TV’s, but I desperately awaiting for Apple’s creation. I know Apple has world’s best technology and staff to deliver awesome products. Watching TV through internet along with computing really amazing.

  2. Thanks a lot for Smart TV’s specification here. I believe that it would completely change the watching experience. Thanks to latest technology which making it possible.

  3. I predict SmartTVs to get more popular. It’s just that the computer is increasingly becoming a superior media device compared to a traditional TV so for the latter to keep up, it has to become more like a computer in those areas atleast.

  4. Smart TV’s market increasing day by day. Samsung and LG both are the first to launched their TV’s with this up to date feature.  Apple is aiming to do it soon. It helps to feel both TV and Internet together.

  5. I hope Apple’s iTV will leave all the other players behind. As Apple well knew to rule the market. World’s top company has innovative technology with sharp minds and always present stunning products.

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  7. The others are not quite correct – a smart tv means it can access the internet, but not necessarily by WiFi. Dependent on the TV it may need to be connected through a cable. One way to tell is to see if it is WiFi integrated (built in) or WiFi Ready (requires a dongle). It is also Samsung branding, if you see Sony Internet TVs for example, they mean the same thing.Thanks for providing the useful information.

  8. This is very attractive post view to smart  television,I do not think so, cuz more than likely then it would have to come with a service provider, just like the ipad you can get internet service with verizon or at&t. its probably just gonna run off wifi. Thanks for sharing the useful information.

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  10. I have a smart tv and I was glad I bought it from day one.  I also have a game system that basically make it a smart tv..  It nice to be able to watch programs not on your laptop and have more more options.

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  12. This is very nice information,I would like to use the smart tv internet options. So, i decided to take tata docomo wirless usb modem. But will it be useful in smrt tv of lg i mentioned above???? please help… does only wifi connect with these devices or can travelling usb modem support it?Thanks for sharing the useful information.

  13. Yes, this the right time because now you have internet tv coming in all brands.And gradually the sage will increase, so if you choose this technology first then you can have the furst mover advantage. And for smart tv, check a tv that support as web features ad websites, do a proper research and dont just go by the brand names.Thanks

  14. I suggest you to go for Samsung Smart TV they are the best it this class and Connectivity via HDMI,VGA,DVI is not at all a problem so that u can connect u’r PC/Lapi for net surfing.Thanks for sharing the information. 

  15. Well everything has its own purpose and benefits and if your purpose is just to use internet then you need smart TV as there is the cheaper option of having monitor or laptop.

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