Tote In Style With The LA Besace Lime Drop Laptop Bag

For a long time, I’ve been carrying around an old leather brief case with my laptop in it. I’ve preferred it over a traditional laptop bag because it just suits me more. It also feels less likely to be stolen at the airport. Recently, I was asked to take a look at a new bag and being a creature of habit, I didn’t expect to be swayed at all.

LA besace Laptop Bag

When my LA besace Laptop Bag arrived, I thought it looked pretty normal, and seemed a little nice. Wanting to focus more on items that blink and beep, I set it aside for a bit and hadn’t really taken a good look at it. I try to review items without reading other reviews or finding out much about the cost where possible. When I opened it up, it was like a bright light shining on a gray messenger style bag and I liked it.

An everything bag
One of the things I liked about this bag right away was its shape. Its curved top design, combined with the bold (yet not obnoxious) color contrast, has the Lime Drop making a mad dash away from the boring old laptop bags I’m used to seeing and in a more flexible direction. It just feels comfortable to throw things other than a laptop in it when you’re leaving the computer at home. For example, I used the Lime Drop to carry a couple cameras and some other items on my trip to go skydiving yesterday. Like the normal laptop bag, this one has lots of pockets and pouches for computing accessories, pens, note pads, etc. There’s also a couple outside pockets for easy access, which is good, too, because the one thing I didn’t like was that opening up the main compartment was a little cumbersome with the curved design and the zippers hidden away. It looks sleek, but that’s one spot where beauty comes at the price of convenience.

Some notable features
The Lime Drop brought to mind some features that should be (and usually are) on most laptop bags, some that were nice little surprises, and one that I felt was missing. The feature that I felt was missing was a handle on the top. I love the shoulder strap and it does free up my hands for other things, but when I’m getting in and out of the car, a top handle would have been nice. The shoulder strap didn’t miss a beat, though. It has the adjustable pad so the strap doesn’t dig into your shoulder, but what I thought was unique was the seat belt style strap. I don’t know how much stronger it is than other straps, but it gives the impression of durability, at least. The front pocket was also nice, but I enjoyed finding the back pocket by accident one day. This small back zipper pocket seems like an ideal place to store my plane tickets, which I’ll test soon enough. Finally, while I wouldn’t exactly dunk this think in water and trust it to not ruin my laptop, I would feel a lot more comfortable running through the rain to my car with the Lime Drop protecting my stuff rather than some other bags I’ve used.

LA besace Laptop Bag LA besace Laptop Bag
LA besace Laptop Bag LA besace Laptop Bag

Is this the bag for me?
I’d love to tell you to run right out and grab one, but the truth is that at about $80 it’s not really the cheapest bag you can buy. If you’re looking to go cheap, keep looking because there are a lot of cheap laptop bags out there. I can’t speak to their durability, longevity expectations, or feature sets as I haven’t reviewed those bags, though, so use your judgment. The Lime Drop, on the other hand, is a bag I’ve tried and am willing to venture is worth the price tag. It’s not because it looks so cool, but more because I think the design and bag will both hold up through my next few laptops.

Author: Joe Colburn

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3 thoughts on “Tote In Style With The LA Besace Lime Drop Laptop Bag”

  1. Fashionable and functional are always a good match not easily found. I think the colors work for every day use too. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Vanessa: Agreed. Thanks for dropping by!

    Murray: It’s a very nice bag. You should get one. Just don’t walk off with mine at BlogWorld. =)

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