TiVo Permiere Deal Is The Gift That Keeps Giving

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This post brought to you by TiVo. All opinions are 100% mine.

When you want to find something online, I’ll bet you don’t say “I’m gonna go search the web for fruit cake recipes”.  Like most, you probably blurt out “I’ll Google fruit cake recipes”.  People do this because Google’s dominance in what they do has given them the coveted verb status.  So what do you think most people say when talking about setting up a digital video recorder to capture their favorite TV or cable show for later consumption?  Most people say “I’ll TiVo it.”  It even happens when they’re referring to some other device.  That’s because, like Google, TiVo has established itself as a leader in the area of automating the recording of shows for watching later.  So where am I going with this?  TiVo has announced a holiday sale where you can get Tivo Premiere for only $99 when you sign up for a year of TiVo services at $19.99 a month through Best Buy.

TiVo Premiere

Why TiVo?

Even though I am a lover of gadgets, I ignored the DVR revolution for a while.  I didn’t watch much TV, and missing a show was just something that happened now and then.  Discovering the world of DVR, I never looked back.  Where I used to miss my favorite show one week because I had to work late, I now come back to it sometimes days later when it’s convenient for me.  Even when you don’t miss your regular shows, eventually a network will air a special at the same time as the show you’re watching.  Since you can’t watch them both, the next best thing is to record one while watching the other.

TiVo Premiere, in particular, comes with some advantages beyond the pause, rewind, slow-motion and instant replay functions TiVo people have come to know about over the years.  Namely, instant streaming from Netflix, downloads from Amazon Video On Demand, YouTube videos, music from Pandora and much more.  You can also record up to 45 hours of HD programming with the standard model or up to 150 hours with Premiere XL.  The TiVo site lists a slew of other photo, video, and music services that TiVo Premiere works with and you can even set up recordings over the web or from your smartphone.

Weather you want this for yourself or for someone else in the house, everyone will benefit from it and if you’ve never had a DVR, you’ll wonder why you waited.  There’s still time to get it and TiVo all those Christmas shows and movies, too.

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Author: Joe Colburn

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One thought on “TiVo Permiere Deal Is The Gift That Keeps Giving”

  1. Tivo’s or others like it are just invaluable today. For some reason, some of my favorite programs are usually at the oddest hours so definitely can’t do without Tivo if you’re an avid TV viewer these days.

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