The True Cost Of Your Smart Phone

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This week, a reader sent me this link to an interesting breakdown of just what goes into and comes out of the global iPhone cycle. I love my iPhone, so it almost makes me feel a little guilty for owning one, but I put my phones back into the consumer market when I upgrade, so I’m not all that bad.

Of course, it’s not just iPhones. The overall market for smart phones cycles pretty rapidly these days. It used to be that I’d buy the best phone on the market and wait 3 years for something good enough to make me upgrade. These days, the upgrades seem to be thrust upon us so fast that its hard to keep up. I love advancing technology, but it’s also part of the problem this moving infographic seems to point out.

In any case, here it is for you to check out.

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Author: Joe Colburn

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13 thoughts on “The True Cost Of Your Smart Phone”

  1. That was a long but very well worth reading infographic about one of the most popular gadgets of the past and current decade. It is sad how all the waste and hard labor are offloaded from these countries and how their citizens lives are being subjected to hazardous conditions.

  2. This is hell of a ride. I am a little guilty now for owning and iPhone. I never knew it was something like this. This is very informative and very easy to digest. It is long but you’ve manage to say your piece. Thank you for sharing,I really enjoy reading.

  3. The most scary fact about this is the waste part, Guiyu, China, the most unfortunate area of the world, where the health of its people is exposed with too much of a risk, well they don’t have much of a choice because they needed this and they dont care about the risk as long as they are earning with it.

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