The Tech Tools To Get Back To School

With Labor Day now long gone it’s time to put away those ghastly white jeans and face reality. Fall is here and school is back in session. While purchasing pens and pencils may be a good start, this year’s school supply list contains notebooks. No, not the ones filled with crisp-clean paper but laptops. Check out these great and surprisingly inexpensive laptops and other technology finds needed to help you or your child’s school year run a lot smoother.

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Best Value Laptops/Netbooks

The Gateway ID Series is especially designed for those who “live the mobile lifestyle.” Weighing about 5lbs, it’s light enough to carry from the dorm room to the classroom. It has a 14-inch HD display, an Intel Core i3 processor, 4GB of memory, and 500GB hard drive. It also includes Dolby home theater sound, a DVD burner and a web cam. It also includes a social networking tab that allows students to quickly access their social networks sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. For about a fraction of the price, and the size, check out the 2lb,10-inch Gateway LT Series netbook. It includes a webcam and digital microphone, 1GB of memory and 250GB hard drive. It’s the right size to throw into any backpack or messenger bag. $680; $350 respectively


The KODAK ESP 5250: All in one Printer is the perfect tool needed for any student boggled down with tons of term papers to print. It includes Wi-Fi connectivity, which allows you to print from anywhere: your room or you could even print directly from your phone if you install the proper application. Not to mention Kodak has some of the cheapest ink in the industry, only $10 to cartridges. $119;


Text books too heavy to carry around in a backpack? The Pandigital Novel is a color eReader that allows you to download tons of books and easily organize them into libraries. It provides a great reading experience with its high resolution screen. The Pandigital Novel runs on the Android operating system, which means students can surf the web and check their email. Comes in white or black. $179;


The HTC Evo 4G is one of the newest phones trying to give the iPhone a run for its money. With Wi-Fi accessibility, an HD camcorder and a massive 4.3-inch screen, it is the first 4G phone on the nation’s first 4G network— which just means you can upload, download and browse the web much faster. What makes this phone extra neat is its live -streaming video application which can instantaneously connect any student with someone across the country. $199 with contract;

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Who Won $500 or Free Pizza Coupons From Tony’s Pizza?

Last month, I threw a geeky pizza party and announced the Tony’s Pizza $500 Tech Giveaway contest. While this blog participated in the $500 tech giveaway, I also had some leftover pizza coupons to give away.

Tony's Pizza Coupons

Unfortunately, I don’t yet know who won the $500 tech prize because the contest sponsor chose that winner, so if you were notified that you won, please let us know so I can offer my congratulations. As for the pizza coupons, I got to select winners at random and I decided to choose four winners with the help of Each of the following winners will receive two coupons for free pizza.

– Jill H. (comment)
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We had a lot of entries in this contest and I want to thank each and every person who commented or tweeted to enter. You all rock and I’ll be looking for sponsors to hold another contest soon.

10 Awesome Tech Videos From 2009

As 2009 is nearing its end I’ve been looking back and thinking about all the cool stuff I’ve come across in the last year. The stuff that sticks out the most is the tech videos showing new concepts and products or just cool new ways to use existing technology. I’ve put together ten of my favorites, but they are, by no means the ten best videos out there. If I missed anything, please feel free to share in the comments.

TED – Sixth Sense Technology

This is a great video showing real examples of new technology that puts information in front of you as you need it. Very cool stuff!

PlayStation 3 – High-Resolution Image Enlargement Technology

I was fascinated about this technology when I saw it used in The Rosetta Project months ago, and I’m still excited by it.

TED : Wireless Electricity

We’ve been getting closer and closer to the day when we can just come home and throw our cell phone on the table and it’ll just start charging without the need for all those cables.

Liquidware Illuminato X Machina

I love to see stuff like this where the machines become more aware of their state and are then able to interact appropriately with other machines near by.

‘Tron: Legacy’ Trailer HD (vfx test footage)

If you’re old enough to remember it, Tron was a great geeky movie well ahead of its time and the remake has techies like me anxious. Check out some visual FX test footage.

Augmented Reality Business Card

Since this video (and a little before it), a lot has happened with Augmented Reality and we’re even seeing it pop up in iPhone and Android apps now. Still, this is a great example of its use.


This was an interesting social experiment in which little robots were set free in New York and people helped them find their way.

TED: David Merrill Demos Siftables

First Flight of the Terrafugia Transition (flying car)

The blogosphere was abuzz when this video hit the web. It’s a car that converts into a plane to fly and then back into a car again.

ArcAttack performs the Dr. Who Theme on Twin Tesla Coils

I’m not a big Dr. Who geek, but I loved this anyway.