Projecteo Instagram Projector Review

I’m sure that by now, you’ve heard of Instagram, the social photography app that took the iPhone community by storm. One of the things that made it a hit was the ability to add effects to photos right in the app. We take photos for ourselves, but I today’s social-driven web, sharing has become just as important. The next progression is might be to bring some of that sharing back to the offline world. Projecteo thinks so, anyway.

Started as a Kickstarter project, Projecteo hoped to raise $18,000 to get started and wound up with more than $87,000 from backers. Projecteo is a miniature projector for your Instagram images. It passes LED light through a tiny image wheel to project it onto just about any surface. To get one you just head to the website, connect to your Intagram account and choose nine photos you want on your wheel. After that, $34.99 and a short wait for the free shipping is all that stands between you and your itty-bitty projector to show off your photos.

Projecteo sent me one to play with, so I chose some of my photos and took it for a test drive. Check out the video below.

Now that the manufacturing is out of the way, I wonder if there’s plans to move beyond Instagram. Perhaps, in the future, we’ll be able to fill reels with our favorite photos from Flickr and Facebook? For now, $34.99 is a fair price for a pocket projector that lets me have my own little slide show wherever I go.

How To Add A Digital Flickering Light To Your Halloween Pumpkin

It’s that time of the year when costumes are worn, trick-or-treaters skip from house to house, and we dress up our yards to look spooky. While some go all out on decorations and others do not, nearly every house in participation will proudly display a pumpkin, carved with care and lit by a candle. After carving my pumpkin this year, I decided I wanted an eerie red light to go in it, so I headed to my desk and emerged 10 minutes later with my flickering light.

Creating my flickering light was pretty easy and fast. Of course, I already had all the parts, but these can all be obtained from your local electronics store pretty easily. If you don’t have an Arduino, they’re pretty cheap these days and none of this is permanent. I estimate you could make this for a couple bucks if you already have your Arduino.

What You Need

– An Arduino (any model, really)
– Arduino development environment
– 1 red LED light
– 1 9v battery connector
– 1 9v battery

How To Make A Flickering LED Light

Your LED light can be made in just 4 steps:
1. Insert the LED into slots 13 and GND on the Arduino (short leg of the LED in GND)
2. Plug the Arduino in and paste the code below into the development environment.
3. Compile the code and push it to the Arduino.
4. Plug the battery into the adapter.

When your jack-o-lantern is ready, just unplug the Arduino from the computer and plug the battery adapter into the Arduino to turn it on. That’s it. Flickering light!

The Code

long randNumber;

void setup()
pinMode(13, OUTPUT);

void loop()
randNumber = random(500);
digitalWrite(13, LOW);

randNumber = random(1500);
digitalWrite(13, HIGH);

The Result

Below is a short video of my end result.

Try for yourself and post any questions or thoughts.

Product Review Follow-Up : 5 Time-Tested Winners

I get a lot of stuff to review and I try to put things to the test before I complete a review, but the best test of a product is to use it over a longer period of time. Will it stand up to real life testing beyond the review? Some products are given away and others sit around in a box, only used occasionally. Below are five six products that I have continued to use over and over again.

1. LED Lenser P7 Flashlight

LED Lenser P7 Flashlight
This flashlight is the best one I’ve owned personally. I still might find it hard to spend $90 on a flashlight, but it sure seems worth the price. Since I posted the LED Lenser P7 Flashlight review nearly three years ago, I have taken it to several states, and used it hundreds of times. When it’s stormy out, my wife goes for the candles and I find my P7. It always ends up back in its case and I still haven’t had to replace the 4 AAA batteries that came with it. I’m sure this thing will serve me well for many more years.

2. XShot iPhone 4 Case

A little more recently, I completed an XShot iPhone 4 Case review, in which I demonstrated its ability to hold my iPhone 4 snugly at the end of an XShot camera extender to get some unique video and photo perspectives. Since then, I’ve used the case several more times, combined with a tripod, for steady video. Like the Lenser P7, I know where this is at all times in case I need it.

3. LA Besace Lime Drop Laptop Bag

LA besace Laptop Bag
After my LA Besace Lime Drop review, I decided to keep this good-looking case for myself and what a great choice. Tomorrow, as I have done for every flight in the past two years, I will pack my laptop, crossword books, pens, gadgets, and a couple magazines into my Lime Drop bag to take on the plane with me. It’s unique and fashionable and there isn’t a trip I go on without it.

4. NZXT Avatar Gaming Mouse

Avatar Gaming Mouse
I can’t tell you how many hours I spend on my computer every day, but I’ll bet it’s unhealthy. Since I posted my Avatar mouse review over a year ago, I have used this mouse somewhere around 4,600 hours. It’s precise, feels great in my hand, and looks incredible. I have one at home and another at the office.

5. id America’s Brushed Aluminum Gasket iPhone Case

id America - Gasket
iPhone cases don’t get much cooler than id America’s brushed aluminum gasket case. Just a picture of it on my Facebook wall inspired a friend to buy one for himself, but it was more than looks that got it on this list long after my id America review last November. It protected my iPhone for the first time when it was dropped in October, before the review was published. Since then, it has taken the fall for my iPhone many times while still looking incredible. It was after I dropped my phone again the other day that I decided to write this follow-up for items that continue to prove themselves.

Bonus: iBoo

My wife wanted the iBoo iPod sound system from the moment she saw it so, after completing my iBoo review, I handed it over and it vanished to it’s new home at her office, where it has remained for three years. Without mentioning why, I asked my wife if she still uses the iBoo. Without hesitation, she replied, “Every day. It rocks!”. She loves iBoo and says she gets asked about it all the time. That excitement about this product made it the bonus sixth item on the list.

I like a lot of the products sent to me for review and there are some that just don’t work well at all, but there are products like the ones listed above that prove to be more than expected and get regular use. Those products truly deserved another mention.