The Hottest Mobile Gaming Trends of 2013

Mobile gaming started off with humble beginnings, much like the original video game industry. For awhile, many people were stuck with nothing but Snake, which found its way onto Nokia cellphones for years, starting in 1998, according to CNN.

As smartphones took off, and app developers discovered how to get the most out of the hardware, many games started rearing their heads. The iPhone and iOS were particularly instrumental in helping the mobile gaming industry. After all, the homogenized hardware and operating system was a much easier pill for developers to swallow, compared to the disparate equipment offered by Android phones. Today, the mobile gaming industry is seeing games that would look right at home on the console, a game development app to help create your own mobile games, and even a 64-bit process to make everything run smoother.

64-Bit Processing

Apple’s recently released iPhone 5s features a 64-bit processor, the first of any consumer smartphone to do so. This hardware advancement opens up the way for higher-end gaming, due to better and more efficient processing on the CPU’s part. The Verge reports a 64-bit processor allows the smartphone to use more than 4 gigs of RAM, as well as improved operations handling. While most developers have not yet created games that take advantage of 64-bit architecture, it’s in the works.

Create Your Own Games

Over a gamer’s life, there comes a time when they think to themselves, “I could make a better game than this pile of garbage.” Now, it’s time to put your money where your mouth is. Geek Gamerz reports Napkin Game Studios is a game development app that facilitates the generation of mobile games in a few minutes, working off of templates, wizards and other tools. It’s an object editor that allows you to work with every item in your game, letting you tweak physics settings, and add in your own graphics. The level editor is also easy to use, with a drag-and-drop interface for creating challenging levels.

Battlefield 4-Integrated Second Screen

Many video game companies are beginning to see the benefits of second screen technology, but none are more useful than the techniques used by the Battlefield 4 download game uploading. Your smartphone or tablet is used as an essential part of the Commander mode feature, a game mode that allows you to have a complete overview of the battle map. You can look for enemies and attacks and track your squad through the app. This gives you an entirely new way to experience Battlefield 4 and gain domination over the map.

Infinity Blade

The Infinity Blade series is the pinnacle of mobile games that push the hardware’s limits. It looks right at home on an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, but it’s on your iPhone chugging along happily. The latest game in the series, Infinity Blade III, is one of the first games that utilizes the 64-bit iPhone 5S chip, and it shows. The graphics are gorgeous, the gameplay continues to be solid, and the story finally concludes with the end of this trilogy.

iPad Tips And Tricks Infographic

It’s amazing, sometimes, how long you can have a device like an iPad and still not know some of the most useful tips to help you get the most out of it. So… Here’s an infographic to help you out. Some of these tips can apply to your iPhone as well.

(click the image to enlarge if you have problems reading it)

Infographic courtesy of Kensington. Do check out their product line after bookmarking this page.

Luvvitt iPhone 5 Case Review

I’ve reviewed so many iPhone cases that go over the $20 mark (sometimes way over) that it’s nice to see one come in just under twenty bucks. I had to wonder if low cost meant a cheap product. Find out in this review of the Luvvitt Clearview iPhone 5 case.

To answer the first question right off the bat, let’s talk about the Clearview’s quality. It became apparent, right away, that the price for this case does not foreshadow an inferior product. This is no flimsy case. Instead, Luvvitt put together a classy case that uses a simple design paired with the iPhone 5’s inherent aesthetics to deliver a protective case that looks like a subtle fashion accessory for your phone. I created a video review, below, to show off the Clearview on my own iPhone.

I’ve seen (and owned) cases that are either completely clear, frosted, or completely opaque. They’re OK, and some even look good, but there’s just something about the shock resistant TPU edges in black, mixed with the perfectly clear scratch-resistant back that looks really good. It’s also not likely to crack like my last case if when I drop it. Getting the case on and off is a little more work because it’s designed to form a tight seal around the edges to keep dust from getting between your phone and the case. For $19.95, this case is a bargain.

Don’t have $19.95 to spend? No problem. Just enter the contest below and you might win the extra case Luvvitt kindly sent me to give to one lucky reader. Simply click an option and follow the instructions to enter. If your number of entries increases, you’re doing it right. Good luck!

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