Everything’s Better In HDMI

Recently, my rear projection TV went to the electronics graveyard. Because the cable company was still delivering my wife’s favorite shows as well as mine, we ran out and bought a brand new LCD television. What’s that got to do with HDMI? Two things, really. First, I didn’t have HDMI before, and second, I probably wouldn’t have seen the difference. Now I have a new TV and it looks great, so this HDMI cable from Optimization-world.com couldn’t have come at a better time.

HDMI Cable

It turned up in the mail a week or so ago, and tonight I hooked it up to give it a shot.

I decided to use my DVD player as a test device to connect to the TV with my new cable. Before tonight, I had it hooked up via a traditional RCA cable. It’s a little harder to see it from a photograph, but here’s a side-by-side comparison (you can see a zoomed WAY in shot here).


You can tell a little from the above photo, but it’s definitely more evident in person. The video quality improvement was noticed even in the DVD player’s splash logo screen. I’m excited to now be able to watch movies with a little more clarity.

What about those expensive cables?
Although I’m finally starting to see the differences in having HD and better cables, I’ve never really been a stickler for these things. So to be honest, I’m not qualified to really say how this $12.99 HDMI cable might stand up to one of those well-branded (and you pay for it) cables. I can’t say if spending more money on an HDMI cable will get you a better picture (and by better, I mean enough that you’ll notice).

The website gives this assurance:

Optimized Cable Company’s cables are specially designed for hi-def video and audio signals for professional and home theater installations, using 1080p, 1080i, 720p and 480p. All of our cables are made using high quality cabling, shielding and jacket material. We use gold plating for increased connectivity, longevity and signal strength.

In addition, the literature that came with this cable points out that it’s HDMI certified at the same HDMI facility as Monster HDMI cables. I couldn’t find any information on that from either site, but I did find a 120Hz refresh rate HDMI (like the one in this review) Monster cable for $79.95. Does that cable offer a difference I can see with the human eye for the extra $67? I really can’t say without comparing side-by-side, but let’s just say I’m content with the cable I have here and will probably save the money when it’s time to buy another cable.

While it’s hard to come to a verdict on the benefits of spending more for a fancier brand name, this cable provided great image quality and made me a bit sad that I’ve had this new TV for almost a month and have been using RCA cables. If you have the option for HDMI, make the move. If you want to do it for a really comfortable price, check out Optimization-world.com.