What Would You Buy From iTunes With $10,000?

What would you buy if you had an iTunes gift card with $10,000 on it? Apple wants to give just such a card to one lucky app downloader. They are fast approaching another App Store milestone with the 25 billionth download looming. Whoever initiates that 25 billionth download may be the lucky recipient of $10,000 in the form of an iTunes gift card.

25 Billion iTunes Downloads

Some of you may recall a very similar countdown last year, in which Apple gave a $10,000 gift card to the downloader of the 10 billionth app.

Don’t have an iPhone? Apple will also let you enter via this form without having to download or purchase at all. They’ll let you enter a total of 25 times per day, too.

So… What would you buy?

Give Humor On Christmas With A Prank Pack

I’ve participated in plenty of pranks in my time, both giving and receiving, and they’re almost always a lot of fun. My cousin, in particular, is a big prankster and joker who always enjoys a good laugh. This week, I got a couple Prank Pack prank gift boxes in the mail to review, and who better to try one out on than John.

Prank Pack iArm

What Is A Prank Pack?

A Prank Pack is a box designed to look like a real product that is just outlandish enough to make the recipient think you bought them some crazy gift that they may never use. Inside the box, you place a real gift so that your giftee isn’t left feeling like you cheated him out of a gift. So it’s the best of both worlds. You get to prank someone, but they still get a real gift that they’ll use. They make a bunch of different gift boxes such as CoffeeTalkies – travel coffee mugs that double as walkie talkies, Bathe&Brew – a shower head that brews your coffee with the same hot water you shower in, ToeTunes – slippers that have speakers built right in, and several others. They sell for $8 per box or you can get a 3-pack right now for $20.

Prank Packing John For Your Enjoyment

My cousin John, as my mentioned above, is no stranger to pranks, so he was definitely due to be pranked. We bought him a gift we thought he’d like, and as it’s a book, it easily fit into the Prank Pack box. The box we chose was the iArm seen in the photo above. It’s a device that straps to your arm that you can attach an iPad, remote controls, or even your dinner plate to. Since John has an iPad, we thought this would be a nice fit. Just believable enough for him to not know if we were seriously giving this thing to him. We wrapped it up and invited John out to breakfast. The video below shows hot it all went.

I really liked the Prank Pack, and I think John’s even going to re-use it to prank someone else for Christmas. $8 per box is more than I’d normally pay for a quick prank, but the boxes look pretty professional and are actually good quality. Pair that with the fact that it’ll likely get used two or three times, and it’s not a bad price at all.

Buy Or WIN A Prank Pack

Like any other product, you can buy a Prank Pack box, of course. As mentioned before, they’re eight bucks a piece or you can snag a deal for a three pack. The web site seems to guarantee shipping by Christmas (as of the time I’m writing this) for only $5, but you can also drop into a Bed Bath and Beyond and grab one there without waiting. You can also try to win one right here. All you have to do is comment on or Tweet about this post or share it on Facebook, but you only have 2 days, so do it now below. Note that the box I’m giving away is the CoffeeTalkies, perfect for that coffee fiend you know.

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S107G Mini Gyro R/C Helicopter Review

Everyone loves toys. Better still, toys that are remote controlled. Even better still, flying R/C toys. Still just a big kid, I was excited to put the S107G Mini Gyro R/C Helicopter from XenonProject.com to the test.

S107G RC Helicopter

The S107G came in a long box which included the helicopter, remote control, USB charging cable, and a manual. The six AA batteries required for the remote control were not provided but easy enough to come up with. The helicopter came pre-charged and ready for flight. After using up the 6-7 minutes of flying time, I had to fully charge it for about an hour before getting to play again. The flying time was a little less than a helicopter I previously reviewed and the charging time was about the same. This helicopter is also much more sturdy, making it more comfortable to crash. The controller felt much lighter than expected, perhaps even a little cheap. It even has a 3-position labeled switch that only really has two positions to set it to. This, however, was of little concern to me as it worked fine and the helicopter is the piece that stands to take all the abuse, not the controller.

Learning To Fly

Even though the manual has some decent instructions on how to fly an R/C helicopter, it is definitely an acquired skill. As you may be able to tell from the video below, it can start out rough, but gets better with practice. The S107G was surprisingly easier to control and priced lower than the other R/C helicopter I own. Although the flight time is a little less, I got more out of it because less of it was crashing time.

In the video, I practiced turning and landing, even crash-landing the S107G in a 10×10 inch box. Watch the video to get a better feel for the experience.


$24.99 (web price) for the S107G feels like a steal for a nice starter R/C helicopter, making it a great gift for kids big and small. In fact, XenonProject has a lot of comfortably-priced R/C toys on the site. For a good helicopter at a good price this is an easy win.