10 Geeky Valentine’s Day Ideas

If you’ve ever wondered how you could be more unique and make this Valentine’s Day more memorable for that special geek, you found the right list. A few years ago, I gave you 5 Geeky Ways to Say “I Love You” on Valentine’s Day, but this time, let the gift speak for you. Below are my 2011 geeky gift ideas for Valentine’s day.

Beating Heart Pillow

Beating Heart Pillow
Is your CoderGeek all wound up at the end of the day after trying to make a web site look the same across 8 variations of web browsers? If so, a plush heartbeat pillow will help them relax with its rhythmic vibration. It’s designed to do that, but the unadvertised bonus, feature is that it will remind them of you every time they embrace it.

Cost: $39.99

Mix Drive

Quirky SplitStick
Mix tapes are so 80’s and mix CDs are so 90’s. It’s 2011 and these days, more and more people are putting their mixes of music on flash drives. Bring the romantic thought and planning of the old-fashioned mix tape into 2011 with a mix drive by putting your mix of music on a flash drive. Most common flash drives hold more music than a CD and it’s easier to carry around with you. If your geek works in an office, I suggest grabbing them a Split Stick. It’s two flash drives in one, so your geek can keep that music mix on one side and use the other to move files from home to work and back.

Cost: $24.99

Kiss My Valentineâ„¢ iPhone App

Kiss My Valentine's iPhone App
Send digital kisses, hugs, and wishes from the App, to be delivered to those in the App user’s contact book. Example of text sent is:
“You’ve received a text kiss((kiss)) & hug((hug))! Happy Valentine’s Day! ….” It’s another geeky way to show some love and if you’re on Android, it’s free, so you can just add this to your other Valentine’s day plans. (Search for it in the Android Marketplace or iPhone App Store)

Cost: Kiss My Valentineâ„¢ is free of charge for Valentine’s Day from the Android Marketplace (if you download before Valentine’s Day, it will not expire), or can be purchased thereafter for $4.95 for full lifetime coverage.

“I Love My Geek” Shirt

I Love My Geek shirt
This I Love My Geek shirt is made for men and women (not just the baby doll tee I’m linking to), but this is one you buy for yourself to wear. Every time my wife wears her shirt that bears this phrase, I grin and feel proud to be a geek.

Cost: $18.99

Superhero Stamp Cuff Links

Superhero Cuff Links
When I came across these cuff links for comic geeks, I knew they just had to be added to the list. Choose between Superman and Batman and send your geek into their meetings in style.

Cost: $89.95

Scent Drive

Scent Drive
I think I should let the seriously unique Scent Drive speak for itself…

From causal Fashion Drive to Smart Elegance, our one-of-a-kind Scent DriveTM diffuses fragrance when in use. Scent DriveTM also comes in a Luxury line, crystals by Swarovski, and other exotic materials.

Many of the designs are out of stock, so if you want one, you should hurry.

Cost: $29 – $60

8-Bit Dynamic Life Shirt

Life Meter Shirt
ThinkGeek’s gamer shirt with an romantic twist is animated, fun, and definitely geeky. Your GamerGeek will appreciate the Life level the hearts represent, your TechGeek will love that the shirts interact by proximity, and your RomantiGeek will enjoy his or her hearts getting filled up when you are near with the same shirt.

Cost: $17.99 – $24.99

Custom Mouse Pad Or Coffee Mug

Get creative! Armed with your favorite couples photo, a phrase that means a lot to you both, or an image of anything that you know will brighten their day, head to Zazzle or Cafe Press and create a custom coffee mug or mouse pad. Heck, put that design on just about anything they’ll use regularly for a simple but thoughtful gift that will last.

Cost: Varies

Fyre BoXXX – Like Netflix For Adults

Fyre TV
Here’s a gift you can both enjoy for a little extra kick on those intimate nights. The FyreTV: Fyre BoXXX is an adult entertainment portal that delivers a multitude of personal movie and scene options to enjoy in the comfort of your home. It’s like Netflix for adult entertainment. Connect it up to your wi-fi to access over 20,000 movies (120,000 scenes) from the most popular adult studios in the industry with a number of customization and pricing options.

Cost: Two Options: Purchase BoXXX for $89.95 (no monthly fees, no contract, or setup cost), and purchase scenes as low as $.95 each or titles as low as $4.95 each
Subscribe to FyreTV Monthly (no hardware or Boxxx cost, no hidden contract fees, free rollover minutes) Monthly Rates-1 Month Plan: $24.95 per month, 3 Month Plan: $16.95 per month, 1 Year Plan: $9.95 per month.

Put Down The Computer

Finally, there’s the gift that can’t be bought. If you are the geek and you’re like me, you’re on the computer all the time. Make a commitment for just one day to stay off the computer, stop checking your phone, avoid gaming, and whatever else you need to do in order to devote all your attention on Valentine’s Day to the person you love. If your love is the geek, find fun ways to get them away from the computer for a day for some relaxing down time.

Cost: Depends on you

Geek Ink : Geeky Tattoos

We all know what a tattoo is. They’ve been around for centuries and surely will continue to decorate the skin for centuries to come. Time only enhances them by adding vibrant colors and ink that shows up best under black light. While mothers have always cringed at the thought of their baby getting a tattoo, most of us know someone with a tattoo or two and some of us have our own. Recently, I had a couple more done, so I thought I would post them and some that other people have that are equally as geeky.

I’ll go first
Bar code and ports tattoos

Above is a photo showing all my ink. Almost 3 years ago, I got a parallel port tattooed on my back. That’s the port in the middle that is a little lighter than the rest. I have been in love with computers since the first time I was on one in the early 80’s and it’s something I am very passionate about. Years ago, I wanted to get a bar code, but by time I got around to it, everyone else had one, so I opted for a parallel port instead. It was my first and when it was done, I immediately started thinking about what else I wanted done. Life kept me busy and I eventually started thinking about it again and worked out what I would want next. Last weekend, I headed to Americana Tattoo and added to my collection. The bottom row is a FireWire logo, followed by two FireWire ports. At the top, I finally got my bar code. I figured I shouldn’t care what everyone else has and did it anyway. However, I did make it a little more original. I used an online bar code image generator to generate a Code 128 barcode. I chose this standard because it’s easy to scan. The bar code should actually scan as “Joe” and the numbers underneath it spell out “Joe” in binary. These tattoos are just a small part of a much bigger plan.

Other geeky and nerdy tattoos
There’s a ton of geeky tattoo photos out there on the net, but I just grabbed all these from the Geeky Tattoos pool on Flickr. I had been planning a Matrix port tattoo to go with all my other ports, but I think it needs to be just a bit lower than the one below. I love the Tank Girl tat, because I’m a big Tank Girl fan. Of course, there’s the binary and the HTML-like tags (which are also on my list). Finally, there’s a bigger version of the FireWire logo, proving I’m not the only one crazy enough to ink that into my skin, and the “OMG LOL” tattoo, which has me thinking, well, “OMG! LOL!”.

Now I have questions for you.
1. Do you have any ink? If so, how many, what are they, and where on your body? (picture links are welcome)
2. What’s the geekiest (or your favorite) tattoo you’ve seen?
3. Any plans for geeky tattoos?

5 Geeky Ways to Say “I Love You” on Valentine’s Day

If you’re geeky like me, you already know how to geekily say “I Love You”, but what if you’re not and you want to say “I Love You” in a geeky way to your geeky loved one? Don’t worry. I’m here to help.

Geek Love

1. Send an e-card
Send your loved one an electronic greeting card via Blue Mountain or Hallmark.

2. Buy them something extra geeky
Show your smushy-face huney-buns you know what they like by getting them something from Think Geek. If they’re truly geeky, they’ll love it.

3. Say it in Klingon
I’m not a Trekkie, so don’t ask me, but I’m sure there’s a way to say “I Love You” in Klingon.

4. Better yet, say it in Binary


5. Do it with Code
Grab the code for your geek’s favorite programming language here and just replace “hello world” in the code with “I love my geek” or any other message. Don’t worry. These are usually only 1-3 lines of code, so you should have no problem.

So how would YOU say “I Love You” in a geeky way?