Snugg iPad Keyboard Case Review

A prominent, and valid complaint about the Apple iPad is the on-screen keyboard. It’s not that it’s bad for an on-screen keyboard. It’s just not a great solution for typing long term. This is why I’ve been wanting a iPad case with a Bluetooth keyboard since I bought my iPad. This week, I reviewed the wireless Bluetooth keyboard and case seen below from Sungg.


– Bluetooth connectivity
– Included charging cable
– 55 hours per charge
– Apple keyboard shortcuts
– Doubles as a stand

Pros and Cons

The first thing I noticed about this case was it’s silver finish. It looks pretty cool when on the iPad as a case, but a little less cool as a keyboard. The case is great, but the keys on the keyboard look and feel like they don’t measure up to the case, itself. Together they seem like an uneven pairing. While I’m knocking out what I don’t like, this snaps on as a case fine, but is pretty difficult to get back off. The first time, I thought I’d break it, but it’s sturdier than it looks at a glance. Finally – and this is the part that made this a part time solution for my own iPad – when I want to use the ipad upright without propping it up and not on a table top, I have to set the case aside. This was a big drawback after seeing so many solutions that keep the keyboard attached to the iPad in some way.

Although I found a few gripes, I found more to like about this keyboard/case solution than I disliked. For starters, The case and keyboard are much more slim than other solutions I’ve seen. I also like the slot to prop up the iPad but I feel like that’s a bare minimum for this kind of product. What impressed me the most was the integrated Apple function keys. With a single key press, I could search, lock the iPad, toggle the on screen keyboard, adjust the brightness, and manage music controls and volume levels.

Below is a video showing the case and some of its features.


For the price, it’s about on par with other keyboard cases. Where it can fall short as a case, it makes up for in style and form factor. Not bad for fifty bucks, especially if you’ll use the keyboard more than the touch screen.

Luvvitt iPhone 5 Case Review

I’ve reviewed so many iPhone cases that go over the $20 mark (sometimes way over) that it’s nice to see one come in just under twenty bucks. I had to wonder if low cost meant a cheap product. Find out in this review of the Luvvitt Clearview iPhone 5 case.

To answer the first question right off the bat, let’s talk about the Clearview’s quality. It became apparent, right away, that the price for this case does not foreshadow an inferior product. This is no flimsy case. Instead, Luvvitt put together a classy case that uses a simple design paired with the iPhone 5’s inherent aesthetics to deliver a protective case that looks like a subtle fashion accessory for your phone. I created a video review, below, to show off the Clearview on my own iPhone.

I’ve seen (and owned) cases that are either completely clear, frosted, or completely opaque. They’re OK, and some even look good, but there’s just something about the shock resistant TPU edges in black, mixed with the perfectly clear scratch-resistant back that looks really good. It’s also not likely to crack like my last case if when I drop it. Getting the case on and off is a little more work because it’s designed to form a tight seal around the edges to keep dust from getting between your phone and the case. For $19.95, this case is a bargain.

Don’t have $19.95 to spend? No problem. Just enter the contest below and you might win the extra case Luvvitt kindly sent me to give to one lucky reader. Simply click an option and follow the instructions to enter. If your number of entries increases, you’re doing it right. Good luck!

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Protect Your iPhone 5 With The iSkin Claro

I didn’t get an iPhone 5 right away, so I also didn’t have a case for it right away, but I knew I would be looking at iSkin as an option. When everyone I work with got an iPhone 5, I heard two repeating concerns about putting a case on it. The first was the looks of the phone. It seems a little silly to me to put the aesthetics over protecting it from damage, especially when damage can include scratches to the phone, but I understand the sentiment. The other concern I kept hearing was about the bulk it might add. Understandably, people don’t want to bulk up this thinner, lighter design. Luckily, iSkin sent me their new Claro iPhone 5 case to review and it answers both of these questions very well. Take a look for yourself in this video.

With my phone’s beauty protected as much as the hardware, I found this case to be a great compromise without much of an actual compromise. It’s slim and looks great and it generally protects well. The compromise I do recognize is that it’s thinner than some other cases and can be subject to its own damage while protecting the phone. As often happens with me, I had the Claro wrapped around my phone for less than 48 hours before I dropped, and subsequently stepped on it in a parking garage. There’s the real test, I suppose. As was its intent, the iSkin Claro protected my new iPhone 5 from any damage at all. The case, itself, has obvious scratches and broke in the thinnest part (right by the camera lens), but is still usable and did its job well.

Like most iSkin products, I really enjoy the Claro case and would recommend it for your new iPhone, especially if you’re afraid of covering up your iPhone 5’s design. If you want a fresh twist to the design, take a look at their Aura cases, which looks just as good, but with some additional color options.