Thief Caught Stealing From A Security Company Booth At CES

As you may know, I had my own little security problem at my house when a guy was repeatedly urinating on my storage building in the wee hours of the morning (no pun intended). Luckily, I was slated to review a very flexible and professional security camera system and caught the guy on video before catching him in person. The video and photo are in that post above, but today I learned of something just as interesting that happened at CES.

In the incident I referenced above, my late night visitor had no way of knowing I was recording him because I hid the camera very well and it was dark and late. In this story, the star of the video, Willy Wu, walks up to a booth, picks up the contacts book full of information from potential clients looking for further contact from the company, leafs through it, and casually walks away with it. At any other booth, he may have gotten away easily in a show as enormous as CES. Unfortunately for Wu, the booth he took the book from was that of Swann Security, a global leader in security monitoring solutions. Now that’s just dumb.

According to the article, Swann staff caught up with the guy at CES pretty quickly and he handed over the book without hesitation, but then ran off. Eventually, they’ll catch back up with him, but the important thing here is that he didn’t get away with all that client data.

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Poke Some Fun At Yourself With The Spoonjuice Fun Booth iPhone App

I got my hands on another iPhone application to help me waste away a long Labor Day weekend. It’s called Fun Booth and it’s from a company called Spoonjuice. The idea is that it’s like a fun photo booth where you can add props to your photo like those funny glasses with a mustache and bushy eye brows.


What I liked
Well, there’s the obvious time wasting fun to be had. It’s another thing you can load up when you’re with a bunch of friends and want to take turns laughing at yourselves and each other. It’s pretty amusing by yourself, too, but I think it’s better for group fun. There’s a bunch of different props to choose from and you can resize them as needed to fit the subject’s face. I uploaded a bunch of my Fun Booth photos to my Flickr account here.

Fun BoothI also liked the integration with Twitter and Flickr. Sure, I could save the photo and use another app to upload it, but this just saves me a step. The image to the right is one that I simply uploaded to Flickr right from the Fun Booth app. I sent the same image to Twitter as a test, too. If you’re not interested in either of those, you can also email the image to yourself or someone else or save it as a contact. They covered several bases in regards to the ability to share your creations.

What I didn’t like
Unfortunately, I found some things that I think could use some improvement, as well. While it’s good to have the Twitter, Flickr, email and contacts integration, they forgot one key option, and that is the ability to just save your photo unless you want to create a new one. This means that if I had to search through the hundreds of photos in my album or worse, line up and take the perfect head shot, I have to do that again every time I want to save a photo. Another thing I thought was missing was the ability to select a specific prop. The app has a button to randomize the prop, but not a list to select one, so if you want to get to a specific prop, you have to keep randomizing until it comes up.

I do have a couple gripes that make the app a little less easy to use. I would also like to see the ability to add more than one prop at the same time. Currently, you can accomplish this by saving the photo and using it as your next photo, though. The bottom line is the price. There’s a lot of junk apps in the app store for $0.99 but this isn’t one of them. At the 99 cent price, this is a unique application that is worth its price tag if you get even just an hour of fun out of it, though I hope to see at least a prop selection list in the next update.