How To Fix 3G Data After The iPhone IOS 4 Upgrade

A couple days ago, I ranted on Twitter about how I was unable to even use 3G on my iPhone. Already unhappy with AT&T’s cellular reception, I was pointing my finger at the wrong people. It seems there have been a lot of complaints about the IOS 4.0 upgrade killing 3G and Edge data as well as MMS capabilities on the iPhone 3G S and that’s exactly what happened to me.

IOS4 3G Data Broken

Why Does IOS 4 Break iPhone 3G S Data?

While some of my information comes from user speculation, some of it also comes from Apple support. The general consensus is that the IOS 4 software doesn’t support the Access Point Name (APN) from the 3G S 3.1.x backup. One person noted that Apple told them their old APN was corrupt, but it’s more accurate to say that some 3.1.x APNs are simply not compatible with IOS 4.

Apple’s Solution

Apple’s currently suggested solution will be fine for some and unacceptable for others. Essentially, their solution is to eliminate the problem APN in the way that involves the least amount of technical knowledge: a factory reset. The suggestion is to use iTunes to restore the phone as new which will download the factory IOS 4. The problem with this is that you will lose all your data, settings, emails, saved games, etc. On top of that, you’ll have to re-install every single application. This is the easiest way for Apple and AT&T to handle the issue from a support perspective, but it’s not a solution and it just creates a lot of headache for customers.

Apple Forum Community’s Solution

This solution was figured out by some iPhone users who didn’t want to wait for Apple to release a patch. It involves creating a new APN without having to restore the whole iPhone as a new install.

1. Make sure your iphone is connected via wifi
2. Head to
3. Follow the instructions. It’ll need you to download a file.

The problem with this solution is that it doesn’t really fix the problem. It does get you back online with the 3G network, but does not fix MMS and you can’t connect to the App Store. While it’s a smart work around, it falls just a bit short.

The Best Solution Currently

Like the solutions above, this is just a work-around to resolve the problem for now, but it offers a decent compromise.

1. Backup your iPhone
2. Restore to factory settings
3. Restore to a backup you made BEFORE you upgraded.

The reason I like this solution over the others is that it restores full data access, MMS, Visual Voicemail, etc. Additionally, I recovered most of my email, account settings, bookmarks, text history, etc. I even got my photos back and my changed carrier ID that says “JoeTech” from when I was jailbroken. The thing that makes this not the best solution over all is that I still have to manually re-install each and every one of my Apps. I’ll look at this as a little house-cleaning, but it’s still annoying and time-consuming.

The Real Solution?

Ultimately, the real solution here is for Apple to send out a patch to fix the problem with IOS4 on older iPhones. Will this happen soon? I would hope so, but from what I’ve seen, there’s no official acknowledgment of this issue from Apple. I need my data now, so I’ve opted for the best work-around. If you can wait for your 3G data and do everything over wifi, that might be a better option as you’ll have an official fix and you will not have to re-install every app you’ve collected on your iPhone. If you haven’t upgraded to IOS4 on your 3G or 3G S, just wait until they sort out the bugs.

Before You Upgrade

Moving forward, we know that Apple will have another major software upgrade at some point, so we might as well prepare for it now. Here’s some things to remember before it happens:
– Wait a week or so before upgrading and let us eager beavers find all the problems.
– Back up often. Sadly, my handy old backup was a few weeks old, so my emails, texts, etc were too.
– Download Apps to iTunes, too. Once you’ve downloaded on your phone, grab a copy on iTunes. It won’t cost extra and now you won’t have to remember what all you had installed if this happens again.
– Upload photos and videos to YouTube, Flickr, etc., and copy notes and contacts before attempting these solutions, upgrades, jailbreaks, or anything that can wipe out things you deem important.

Have you tried any of the solutions above? Did it work? Have you noticed any other problems found another solution or have more tips? Share any of this with us in the comments below.

Better iPhone Video With The Joby Gorillapod Mobile

Now that the iPhone 3G S is all over the place and allows you to take nice quality videos, edit and upload them, the only thing missing is the ability to shoot video hands free. The first thing that comes to mind is a tripod. Last week, the delivery guy showed up with a new product for the iPhone from Joby, a company known for their tripods that are more than just tripods. The item wrapped around my iPhone in the photo below is the Joby Gorillapod Mobile for 3G/3GS.

Joby Gorillapod Mobile

How Well Does It Work?

For Christmas one year, someone sent me an original Gorillapod, but I had problems with it. It wouldn’t hold my camera upright and I eventually just threw it in a drawer. As you can guess, I had my reservations about this review. Still, I always want to be fair, so I entered into this with an open mind, hopeful that I just had bad luck before or wasn’t using the first one right. The good news is I must have been doing something wrong before because this one works great. Before I could test it out, I had to attach the adhesive clip to the iPhone case. On my first attempt, I must not have held it on for long enough because it popped right off the first time I tried to adjust the position of my phone. Luckily, they include two of these adhesive clips. I’m sure this is so you can attach the second to some other case you already own, but in my case, it was a welcomed backup.

Joby Gorillapod MobileOnce I had my iPhone in the case and the adhesive clip affixed properly, it was all set. I wrapped it around my arm, adjusted it, unwrapped it, wrapped it around everything else I could find, kept adjusting… You get the point. The design of the product is to hold your iPhone in place on a table top, a pole, etc. As far as the function goes, it does exactly what it’s supposed to do.

It Came With Extras

When you buy a Joby product, you already know it’s more than a tripod. That’s why you would buy one. What I didn’t expect is that Joby included the additional adhesive clip that turned out to be needed and another clip to work with cameras and other tripod-ready devices. It’s nice to think that I don’t have to buy a second one to accomodate my digital camera as well. It’s also nice that they’re willing to give me unexpected flexibility with a single product where other companies might just hope to make the sale of an additional product. The $40 price tag, it turns out, should cover most of your devices.


I mentioned above that I had an original Gorillapod and never really used it. Now that I have one that works well for me, I see a lot more potential for it. Not only did I have no problems with this one, but there’s a lot more need for it with the iPhone. The $40 cost seems well worth the convenience if you’re going to use it and if you shoot videos with your iPhone 3G S, I’m sure you’ll use it. Just learn from my impatience and make sure the adhesive clip is really secured before trying to use it the first time.

How To Jailbreak And Unlock Your iPhone 3G S In Under 10 Minutes

There are people who love technology and then there are people who love it so much that they can’t help but tweak and play and break and fix anything they get their hands on. I’m in that second group. After enjoying a fun night out with friends last night and a movie and lunch today, I got online to find that the jailbreak software for the iPhone 3G S had been released. I quickly downloaded it and after a couple small pitfalls, I now have a jailbroken and unlocked iPhone 3G S. Just check out these steps and the video right below them.

Here’s the basic steps required, but read the notes below before you begin:
1. Back up your iPhone!
2. Download purplera1n.
3. Run purplera1n.
4. Run Freeze.
5. Reboot.
6. Open Cydia and add the source.
7. Install ultrasn0w.

Note 1: Freeze will say it’s done, but just sit there. You should close Freeze and reboot your iPhone to see Cydia.

Note 2: If you tried with vista and get stuck at “wait for reboot”, don’t worry. Just unplug your phone and hold down the power and home buttons at the same time for a few seconds. This will turn it off. Then plug it back in with iTunes open. iTunes will then ask you to restore your iPhone to factory settings. Let it do that and make sure it is installing 3.0, not 3.1. Next, restore from your backup. If you didn’t make a back, consider it a lesson learned. Always make a backup before stuff like this. Once it’s all restored, try again in compatibility mode.