Swiss Mini Gun is Tiny, Lethal, and Expensive

Leave it to the Swiss to use watch-making technology to come up with the world’s smallest working gun.

Swiss Mini Gun

Swiss Mini Gun

It sells locally for 6’500 Swiss Francs (about $6,400 US) and as I understand it, can not be purchased in the U.S. The announcement of this thing has the internet buzzing for a couple reasons. First of all, it’s kind of cool, so of course, everyone’s passing the link around to their friends, blogging about it, etc. But there’s a more somber buzz about this potentially deadly little device, too. Some have raised concerns about how easy it might be to get one of these on a flight, for example. And what about court rooms, and other places where there is a high risk of someone walking in with a gun? Here’s what the site had to say about exporting the mini gun to the States:

Our Miniature Revolver ref. C1ST is not importable in the United States.

We have received a letter from the US Department of Justice mentioning that our Miniature Revolver does not meet with the minimum size prerequisites referring to the Factoring Criteria For Weapons ATF Form 4590.

Our revolver therefore is classified as not sporting and is not importable.

That still doesn’t answer all the concerns, but it sure helps to know that they’re not welcomed here (even if I DO want one to play with). Perhaps, one day, we can get these with RF chips in them that will trigger an alert if taken too close to a federal building, school, or public mass transportation like an airport.

Swiss Mini Gun Bullets

The bullets from this gun can fire at just under 400 feet per second, making a kill at close range possible. They’re just over .35 inches. It’s hard to imagine that something so tiny and cute could kill someone.

Author: Joe Colburn

Joe Colburn is a software engineer specializing in PHP and a technology enthusiast. Always eager to dive into new and exciting things, Joe writes about anything technology related news and products that he thinks you will also be excited about. Find Joe Colburn on Google+ or by any of the links below.

36 thoughts on “Swiss Mini Gun is Tiny, Lethal, and Expensive”

  1. Wow, that is TINY. I wish you hadn’t showed me that. Now I want one. I have an FFL but it won’t do any good if they aren’t even allowing that to be imported. That thing looks like a clock inside (as most revolvers do) no wonder the swiss came up with it.

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  2. I was wondering about that too, the only reason to make it that small is to conceal it. So what are the ramifications of a tiny gun that can be hidden pretty much anywhere? Not good.

    Mommie’s last blog post..Momnesia

  3. Ramifications of this gun? Lets have some perspective here. It is NOT lethal. Energy at the muzzle is .699 ft-lbs. This is between a spring powered airsoft pistol (.599) and a Daisy Red Ryder bb gun (.900) I have been shot by both airsoft pistols and bb guns. Both drew blood, but did not penetrate. The ‘effective’ range of the bullet is less than 10′ (by effective, I mean ability to break the skin).

    I am older and wiser now, and am not volunteering to get shot by this gun. But, shoot me with it and I will stab you to death with a spork from KFC. I am sure it is more lethal at 10′ or less

    I suppose someone could put it in a donut and trick you into choking on it….

  4. Mommie: Right you are, except I can see them creating it as a novelty item, but maybe they should only let it fire blanks or something.

    sqlbullet: Actually, people have been killed before as a result of being shot with a BB gun. I’m not saying it’s the most lethal weapon every created, but I certainly wouldn’t want it in the pocket of someone on the same flight as me. I love the choking comment, though. Laughed my ass off.

  5. Hahaha. Yep, leave it to the swiss.

    Man, how do you aim with that thing? I’m sure that barrel’s much too short to ensure any sort of accuracy. And as sqlbullet pointed out, it’s probably not lethal.

    A nice toy, to go in the pocket with the little Swiss watch. Other than that, not much else, heh. I find it funny that the US Justice Department has a “minimum size” restriction for guns. Back when the Tommy Gun was invented, it was street legal, whereas pistols needed permits.

    I wonder if anyone’s taken a db reading to determine how loud it is? With all 0.1g of gunpowder in there, it can’t be that noticeable :)

    ~ Wogan

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  7. wow, if this could kill and is so tiny? You could just hide it somewhere that cannot be detected or something and kill someone. This shouldn’t just be sold to anyone, must be a collector or something.

  8. Thomas: Very carefully

    Curt: I think even suggesting the RF chips poses the threat of controversy. It’s the old safety versus privacy debate.

    karuzel: That is just awesome! Thanks for sharing that link.

  9. Idiots! Fools! It “could be lethal” in the same way that a toothpick “could be lethal”! Frankly, I’d choose the toothpick as the superior weapon. I’m all of 130 pounds and I’ve never been in a fight, yet I would still prefer to be unarmed than rely on one of these tiny pistols “lethality.” (I may not be a fighter, but I DO know ballistics.) Virtually anything can be lethal because virtually anything is possible. That doesn’t mean it is an effective weapon. I wish more troublemakers would arm themselves with these. We’d all be safer.

  10. Yet another example that our country (USA) is run by idiots. We can’t carry a tiny keychain knife in courts, airports, etc, so how would one expect to get a keychain gun in?!? Banning americans from owning these is outright stupid! Telling me I can’t have one makes me want one more, and I would find a way to get one, except for the $6k+ price tag. I can’t stand dumbass people telling me what I can and can not have, expecially when it’s so illogical.

  11. What Cymond said, A plastic spork from KFC could potentially be more lethal than this tiny toy. I would personally prefer a chopstick as it is more sturdy and with enough force can puncture the jugular swiftly. My son’s C02 pistol which shoots 480 fps doesn’t even do that.

  12. Guess what else can be concealed? Larger pistols, knives, stun gun, hammer, pills, pepper spray, etc… There are tons of things that can kill you, and if someone is determined to do it, they will find a way no matter what restrictions or laws there are. By the nature of it, criminals do not obey laws.

  13. IMHO it might be worth it to plan a trip over there for vacation just to buy a few and bring them bacl. a dozen would fit inside a marlboro package! you could put a bunch of them into an altoids mints tin and put them in your checked luggage and no one would ever know. you could even ship them to youself via express mail as ” silverware samples” and wrap them all up in aluminum foil and theyd get thru customs and be in the states at your door the next day….LOL!

  14. you can get this gun in canada all you got to do is go there spend the weekend get one and come back and know one would know cause they dont check you when you come back unless you give them a reason to. but at over 6 grand you can keep it. pull something that small i may fall over from laughing so dam hard then beat you to death with a limp noodle.

  15. Hello Joe Tech,

    This gun is looking fine, But i wonder if it works fine because it is very small gun compare toother professional guys

  16. I have a fully operational 2mm. pinfire revolver (not the little keychain single-shots, although I have them, too). It is about an inch smaller than this. I still want one of these, though.

  17. Wow that is pretty sick little gun.  Good point about maybe one day having some sort of device that would trigger an alarm if too close to a federal building.

  18. @Stress Care Any thing can kill people size does not matter a pocket knife can kill people don’t be surprised guns don’t kill people kil people .

  19. What is stated in the first part of your post is exactly what I was thinking before I read it. All the places something like this could be smuggled into without anyone knowing. Pretty scary.

  20. I wonder why after all the arguments about gun control recently that guns are not made with RF chips that would alert security to guns in the vicinity. I guess they would need to have special ones to verify it was a law enforcement officer.

  21. HAHA! Pretty awesome. Truthfully, I’ve never seen this before and you posted this in 2008! Looks like some people are scared of this, but really it probably would feel like a bb gun shot. Who knows though.

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