NZXT Avatar – A Beautiful 2600 DPI Gaming Mouse

I’m not much of a gamer, but it didn’t stop me from getting excited about reviewing the NZXT Avatar Gaming Mouse. Part of my excitement was the anticipation of trying out lots of features I, a non-gamer, may never use again, but I was also excited because I love beautiful tech products.

Avatar Gaming Mouse

OK. It’s a thing of beauty, and we’ll get back to that, but gaming mice don’t make it on looks, alone.

A Comfortable Power Mouse

I decided to use this mouse for a while for gaming and everything else I do on my computer. I wanted to put it to the test for a week. You know what they say about time and flying. I’ve been using the Avatar mouse for an average of 10 hours a day for much longer than a week and I’m loving almost everything about it. I say “almost” because I was annoyed at first. I dove in and started using it right out of the box, disregarding the install CD. Out of the box, the side buttons already perform various actions and are so conveniently situated for clicking that I found myself doing unexpected things with unintended side button clicks. Of course, for gaming, you’ll want to pop in the CD and program all seven buttons to your liking right after you plug it in. The other item of annoyance is the rubber grip on the sides, most specifically that it seems to collect dirt quickly. I’m thinking a simple wash cloth will remedy this.

The rubber grip was also one of the things I really liked about the Avatar mouse. Fast-paced gaming for any notable period of time generates palm sweat and even a little bit makes most mice slippery. Try dodging baddies when the mouse slips. The traction provided gets you to safety quickly. The ergonomic design makes it almost cuddle right up into your hand, so getting to feel right at home with it is a quick process. What I hadn’t planned on using longer than for the review quickly planted its flag on my desktop, even though I sometimes feel like I’m taking a Ferrari to grocery shop.

Features And Specs

When you pay about $60+ for a mouse, you want features. It’s priced well for a gaming mouse as long as it delivers and the Avatar’s features fully justify the price.

Avatar Gaming Mouse

With seven programmable buttons, Avatar does all the work while you just have to remember which button does what. In addition, you can customize some of the more common mouse functions like the scroll wheel and the optical sensor. Let’s talk about that sensor for a second. I comes in at a crazy 2600 DPI for precision accuracy. Not only that, but the 4 Speed DPI switch enables you to go from slow sniper movement to quick attack movement in a matter of seconds and the LED lights on the side show you the current DPI. And you thought the lights were just to look cool.

For the fans of the numbers, here’s the specs:
Max Speed
– 40 Inches/Second
Max Acceleration
– 15g
Max Frame Rate
– 6469 Frames/Second
– 650-2600 DPI
Image Processing
– 5.8 Mega Pixels/Second
USB Reports
– Up to 1000 Reports/Second
– 7 Buttons, 5 Million Clicks

Did I Say Beautiful?

I’ve mentioned it already, but I’ll say it again… This is one sexy piece of hardware, especially for something as normally mundane and boring as a mouse. The best part is that most of what makes it look better also makes it work better. From the sleek ergonomics to the Tron-like DPI LEDs, the Avatar mouse catches the attention of everyone who’s near my desk for more than a minute.

Avatar Gaming Mouse

And just look at it in with the lights off. ‘Nuff said.

Should You Buy It?

I can go on and on about how neat a product may be, but it really comes down to weighing the value against the price and factoring in “neat” last. That said, this is not a mouse I would personally buy normally. Given how rarely I play any games that require this level of sophistication, its coolness alone doesn’t squeeze it into my budget (not that I would dare part with it now that it’s on my desk). Avid gamers, on the other hand, should take a second look as this is a smart mouse that would look great with any desktop setup and just might give your kill count a boost.

Author: Joe Colburn

Joe Colburn is a software engineer specializing in PHP and a technology enthusiast. Always eager to dive into new and exciting things, Joe writes about anything technology related news and products that he thinks you will also be excited about. Find Joe Colburn on Google+ or by any of the links below.

13 thoughts on “NZXT Avatar – A Beautiful 2600 DPI Gaming Mouse”

  1. this is hardcore gaming stuff… I would never spend such an amount on a mouse for playing games… Although I love gaming too but I am not that sort of hardcore gamer

  2. Funny thing about mouses… I still buy the same model that I got when I was into hardcore FPS gaming just because I’ve gotten to like the feel of it. I’ve had to re-buy it a couple of times just because I wear it out, but I love the Logitech MX310. Next time, I might have a serious look at this mouse though!


  3. Looks awesome. I’ve been using a Logitech MX518 for awhile now. It’s 1800 DPI and the buttons are quite handily placed for the most part. But the material they used for the main body has a tendency to make dirt and grime stick to it. This NZXT looks like a mighty fine choice though.

  4. first of all thats a very good looking mouse, looks like a real mean machine especially finished in black, there are other gaming mouses also however i might buy this one as i have seen other great reviews for this mouse.

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