Not Your Average Bar Code Tattoo – It Scans

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Back in July, I upgraded my single parallel port tattoo to add on Fire Wire ports and a bar code. Underneath the bar code was my name in binary code and for those who don’t know binary, I wanted the bar code to scan properly to display my name, just in case. Below is the picture I posted online of my new ink.

Bar code and ports tattoos

When I told Jordan at Americana Tattoo that I had put off the bar code for years because it seemed everyone was doing one, I added that I finally decided to do it because I found a way to make mine unique. He told me how a surprising number of people ask for a bar code and just give him any random bar code to copy. Apparently, there’s a lot of people out there who, if thrown on a checkout line scanner at the supermarket, would likely come up as a $0.99 bottle of filtered water. Hearing that made mine seem so much better, but I never got around to scanning it until Friday, when a friend told me he scanned the picture of my tattoo with his T-Mobile G1 and it worked. Of course, I immediately headed to Jared’s office to borrow his G1 and try it myself. I took my video camera:

In case you’re wondering what got me thinking (and talking) about my tattoos again, take a look at some of the recent blog posts that I noticed popping up that were talking about it. I love that it inspires people to write about it.

There was another link in Spanish that I can’t find at the moment.

With all this tattoo action buzzing, it also got me thinking about what’s next. I know I want more ports, but I also want to move forward with the beginnings of what will be a whole cyborg theme. The ports are just a start. What’s the best geeky tattoo you’ve seen? Any suggestions on what I should do next?

Author: Joe Colburn

Joe Colburn is a software engineer specializing in PHP and a technology enthusiast. Always eager to dive into new and exciting things, Joe writes about anything technology related news and products that he thinks you will also be excited about. Find Joe Colburn on Google+ or by any of the links below.

20 thoughts on “Not Your Average Bar Code Tattoo – It Scans”

  1. Taylor: You should get one. It’s fun to explain to people that it really scans and the binary spells my name. It freaks people out a bit.

  2. Wow! Thats a pretty cool tattoo yet scary at the same time. Its scary to me being that I’m wary that one day we might have our kids tattooed with scannable tattoos at birth. Far fetched but could happen

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  5. Hi, thanks for the story! Normally people get the same old tattoos everyday, picking them from a catalogue without knowing anything about meaning. What do you think about custom made tattoos? Thanks

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