Moving To Graphite Valley?

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You may have heard of graphite before if you've ever used a pencil. ;In fact, the name graphite is derived from the Ancient Greek graphein, which means "to draw". ;So why is a tech blog writing about graphite? ;What you may not know and I recently found out is that it's used for a lot more. ;From steel to brake linings to lubricants, it's all over the place, but one of the most common modern uses for graphite is in Lithium Ion batteries and its derivative, graphine, is more and more in demand for use in computing. ;With Lithium Ion batteries requiring some thirty times more graphite than actual lithium, the growing electric car industry, alone, is likely to boost demand for the mineral.


Mined largely in China and imported into the United States, the demand for graphite is growing, according to industry reports but it's not even being mined in the US. ;With the long-standing "buy U.S." sentiment on the lips of so many Americans, I found it odd that we would be importing 100% of this highly utilized resource. ;According to a company poised to pounce on this opportunity, ;Graphite Corporation, we have plenty of graphite right here in domestic soil. ;Graphite Corp. has already achieved interest in high grade claims in Montana and Alabama, located within the most significant source of high value flake graphite in the U.S. ;Domestic graphite could benefit production by allowing the companies that need it an easier path to this resource while assiting an economy that could use some help.

The newsletter found at the link above talks about the growing demand for graphite and where the industry is headed with a focus on graphite as an investment opportunity. ;Click through and ready the Industry Growth Report Newsletter to get all the details and find out what it's all about.

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