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iCatchall for the iPhone Has Everything Including the Kitchen Sink.

Posted in reviews,Software by Joe Colburn on the February 21st, 2009

iCatchall ReviewThe other day, I mentioned an iPhone application called FTP On The Go in my post about taking control of your iPhone’s files. When I needed help with that application, I send an email and got a reply from the application’s author within the hour. I like that kind of support, so when he offered up a copy of iCatchall for me to review, I accepted.

The idea of iCatchall came from seeing an iPhone app that included a flashlight. The thought was that someone might as well put together a bunch of these simple (but popular) applications in one complete package. That’s what they did, and in the last couple days, there was an update with even more stuff added. As of this writing, iCatchall includes file storage, a flashlight, an hourglass timer, a level, a lunar calendar, a massager, a ruler, a reminder, a tap counter, a tip calculator, a tip converter, a coin flipper, a rock/paper/scissors game, fireballs, a high-fiver, a kitchen sink game, poker chip stacking, tap dancing, and a bunch of sound effects. When I downloaded it, it was priced at only $0.99, which is a deal for all that stuff under one icon. The whole thing is split into three screens full of program icons, Tools and Utilities, Fun and Games, and Sound Effects. Getting from one to the other is as simple as sliding your finger from right to left.

Tools and Utilities

iCatchall ReviewFile Storage is one of the coolest parts of iCatchall because it fires up a web server on your iPhone that you can connect to from any web browser to upload or download files. When you connect, there’s also a version of the web page formatted for iPhones. It’s an easy way to share files over wifi with others. iCatchall ReviewThe Level is actually a multilevel that lets you perfectly gauge how level any surface is.
iCatchall ReviewThe Tip Calculator figures out your tip amount based on the percentage you choose (it defaults to the standard 15%) and divides it by the number of people you specify to let you know exactly how much each person should pay. iCatchall reviewThe flashlight is a white screen that provides a good source of pure light from your iPhone. You can also tap and slide to change the color or hue of the light. Alternatively, it can be switched to “Moonlight” mode.
iCatchall ReviewMeasure is a simple on-screen ruler to help you measure items. Your choices are Inches or Centimeters. iCatchall ReviewToday’s Moon is a lunar calendar that simply shows you what phase the moon will be in today.
iCatchall ReviewHourglass Timer is a little hour glass that you set to count down. You can set it anywhere from 5 seconds all the way up to 59 minutes and 55 seconds. As you can see it shows digital sand falling through the glass. When the sand runs out, a buzzer sounds. iCatchall ReviewForget something? Remember one thing is where you can type one thing to remember. Honestly, I can’t imagine ever really using this as it doesn’t actually remind me unless I remember to open it up and look.
iCatchall ReviewThe unit converter is another handy tool that I imagine I’ll use a lot. I had previously bookmarked a site that has all the conversions, but this will be much handier for cooking and it also covers length, speed, temperatures, and weights. iCatchall reviewTap Counter is just what it sounds like. It counts how many times you tap. Something fun to try would be to have a friend with an iPhone fire up the hourglass and you fire up the tap counter and see who can tap more in a given time amount.

Fun and Games

iCatchall ReviewThere’s enough lighters out there. iCatchall decided to go a different route and give us fire balls! Turn the phone and the orientation of the balls of fire changes with you smoothly. iCatchall ReviewLong day of playing on your iPhone? Need a massage? Like most phones, your iPhone has a vibrating motor and here, it has been tapped into for a simple massage application. With high, medium, or low, it aims to please.
iCatchall ReviewThis is another app I’ve seen before, but it’s all about the bundling. And, you can turn on “Mike’s hand” mode to flip the coin in his hand. iCatchall ReviewIf you’re too predictable when you play Rock, Paper, Scissors, try going digital for a more random result. Maybe the next version will include an option for Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock and anyone who gets that reference has seen my new favorite TV show.
iCatchall ReviewAnother feature that is mostly useless, but kind of fun bundled in is the High Five app. Tap the icon and then quickly turn your iPhone to someone’s waiting hand. Don’t worry if you don’t connect. It comes with a sound to make you think you did. iCatchall ReviewStack up some poker chips, but stack them neatly or they’ll fall. If you shake it, it will start over with new colors.
iCatchall ReviewThis game is a lot of fun. It’s great that Michael found a way to tie in a game that is named perfectly to claim that iCatchall includes even the kitchen sink. iCatchall ReviewPractice tap dancing on your phone, but please use your fingers, not your feet. Hey, if people will eat up an application to skateboard with your fingers, then why not?

Sound Effects
iCatchall ReviewNo “catch all” application would be complete without some sound effects. For starters, I’m sure you can guess the sound effect staple of the App Store, the famous flatulence button. Hit it and you’ll be blushing in seconds. There’s also a rim shot button, you know, for when you just told a real knee-slapper. If you’ve just given a killer speech to an audience of one, you can help guide his or her reaction with the built-in studio audience (which is also a nice follow-up to the flatulence button). Another fun button is the “iHuh?” icon. Press it and your iPhone will give someone an audible “HUH?” to let them know that you clearly don’t understand. If you’re feeling adventurous, hit the “Music Video” button and see what happens. I won’t give away the surprise, so don’t ask. Finally, there’s a “Tell a Friend” icon to help you share the application with people.

One thing that is obvious without me having to point it out is that iCatchall includes a lot of features. Although it’s only $0.99, it’s still a paid application, so you have to hope you’ll get your money’s worth out of it, and that will always depend on the person buying. Several items included in iCatchall are useless to me, but amusing at the least. That said, the web based file management and sharing is pretty cool (and definitely useful), and I probably would have paid a couple bucks just for that. The tip calculator already came in handy today at lunch, the unit converter is handy to have around, and the kitchen sink game is unique and fun. Ultimately, I also think about the future of an application before purchasing because a single purchase includes everything added with each update. My advice is to buy it now, while it’s still a buck and enjoy all the updates that I’m sure will be added eventually.

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Joe Colburn Joe Colburn is a software engineer specializing in PHP and a technology enthusiast. Always eager to dive into new and exciting things, Joe writes about anything technology related news and products that he thinks you will also be excited about. Find Joe Colburn on Google+ or by any of the links below.

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  1. Ferd said,

    on February 22nd, 2009 at 5:59 pm

    After reading your review, I downloaded it immediately. It’s fun!!!

  2. Joe said,

    on February 22nd, 2009 at 6:24 pm

    Ferd: Glad my review helped.

  3. on February 23rd, 2009 at 3:58 am


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  4. AbeonFGL said,

    on June 22nd, 2009 at 5:58 pm

    How have I not seen this yet?

    It looks amazing, but I’ve never heard of it… I have loads of apps and this should make a nice addition. Nice find :)

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  5. iphones said,

    on October 18th, 2009 at 5:35 pm

    thank you for all your great information keep bringing them up :)

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  6. on January 26th, 2010 at 12:05 pm

    Awesome app.. I have to say. It’s ranked very well on my reviews as well.


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