How To: Root Your Nook Color

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Rooting your Nook Color will allow you more control over the device and its functions. Essentially, “rooting it” lets you put a different OS on it, that removes the limitations put in place by Barnes and Noble, and allows it to run like any other Android tablet. So if you want a cheap tablet that will run full blown Android OS, grab yourself a Barnes and Noble Coupon, pick up a Nook color and root it. Be aware that rooting your device, while allowing you complete control, can damage your device and void your warranty. With that being said, rooting can be completed in just ten simple steps:

Step #1: Make sure that your nook is fully registered with Barnes and Noble.

This is essential, because it will not be able to communicate with the Barnes and Noble site for ebook downloads after you root it unless you’ve registered and set up that aspect of the device before completing rooting. During this process, you should also upgrade your Nook’s operating system to the newest available version.

Step # 2: Connect the Mini-SD card to the computer.

The micro SD chip must have at least 128 MB of memory to complete the rooting process. Using a larger SD chip will give your tablet an expanded memory for storage of apps and other data after the rooting is complete. Slide the chip into the bottom right hand corner on the back of the Nook, and then hook the Nook to a Windows-enabled computer by a USB connection.

Step # 3: Copy the image for your card/download the img file for your card.

You will need the clockwork image file for your sized SD card. Image files can be found here. Once downloaded it will be in the image or zip directory and will look something like *gb_clockwork-0.1-ext4.tar.gz. Write the image to your card. This is done with Win32-image-writer (file, and instructions can also found here), though other firmware like Auto-Nooter can also be used. From the image writing program of your choice, select “write” to transfer the image onto the card. For an 8 GB card, this will take approximately a half-hour. The larger the mini-SD card, the longer the image writing will take.

Step # 4: Allow the overwrite.

Most image write programs will signal Windows to issue a warning. The warning will say “Writing to a physical device can corrupt the device. Are you sure you want to continue?” Answer Yes.

Step # 5: Download the latest signed version of Cyanogen Mod ROM for Nook Color.

This is available from, among other Cyanogen Mod distributors. It is essential that you download a signed version, otherwise your device may become unstable and certain functions will fail.

Step # 6: Copy the ROM to the SD card for operation.

Copy the Mod ROM to the micro SD card. For example, if your computer is recognizing the card as drive F:, then place the ROM in F:/ in the computer view, and not inside a folder within F:/. It is essential that F have full access to the ROM, and that there not be folders to penetrate.

Step # 7: Download the Google Apps zip file.

Look for one that is signed. Just like the ROM file, an unsigned version may create instability. Place it in the main root directory, beside the ROM. Avoid placing it inside a folder. Disconnect the tablet from the computer after this download is complete.

Step # 8: Reboot your device and delete all data.

When rebooting your device, you should see the Mod Recovery come up. Select “Wipe data/ Factory Settings reset” from the menu and press n. Confirm the selection by scrolling down to “Yes – Delete all user data,” and press n.

Step # 9: Clear the partitions and install new data.

Wipe the cache partition. Scroll down until “wipe cache” is highlighted and then press n. Then select “Install from SD card” from the menu and press n.

Step #10: Install the Google Apps file.

Select “choose zip from SD card” from the menu and press n. Select the Google Apps file you downloaded and press n. Confirm you want to use the selected file by pressing n again. Once the Google Apps file has fully downloaded you are done. Power off the device and restart it. You may have to power it off and on once or twice before the new programming takes effect and the tablet runs correctly. This is a common glitch and is not a major cause for concern.

Author: JamesMcConnell

James McConnell is a young, IT professional reading and learning about all of the newest technology, a full-time writer and reviewer, and enjoys experiencing life.

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