What Do I Get A Geek For Christmas? Geek Gift Guide

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Every year, before we’re even done with our Thanksgiving dinner coma, Christmas decorations are up in stores and my nephews are telling Uncle Joey about all the presents they want. Adults can be a little harder to shop for, though, especially if you’re dealing with a geek. Where do you even begin to shop for a geek for Christmas? While I may not have all the answers, I hope this guide will give you some good ideas.

Pivot Power

It doesn’t seem like something that might be on someone’s Christmas wish list, but anyone who has ever found themselves staring at their normal power strip, with a couple otherwise available plugs half covered by large brick power supplies, should appreciate this in their stocking. Pivot Power pivots to make more room for all those bulky power supplies. Your six-outlet power strip can finally fit six power adapters.

Price: $25.00

Magic Wand Remote Control

If they’ve seen more than one Harry Potter movie, let them cast some spells of their own… on the TV. This TV remote shaped like a magic wand lets you change the channel, volume, etc. with a flick of the wrist. Blurting out funny phrases is optional.

Price: $89.99


Does your favorite geek have an iPad? If they do, you can help them protect it while also making it more comfortable to use. The Cloak by Quirky is an iPad case that also works as a three-way stand.

Price: $49.99

App Magnets

App Magnets cropped
All you need is an Apple fanboy/fangirl and a fridge to make this a great gift. These App magnets are magnets that look like popular iPhone application icons. Just don’t buy these for the Android phone geek in the family.

Price: $12.99


Another great stocking stuffer, Wrapster is a way to keep your ear bud headphones untangled without any fuss.

Price: $4.99

Pandora or GrooveShark Gift Cards

pandora gift cards
If that special someone on your Christmas list has ever mentioned Pandora or GrooveShark streaming music sites, they’re sure to appreciate a gift card to help them get the most of their listening. The GrooveShark membership comes free with the purchase of a t-shirt.

Pandora 1 Year: $36.00
GrooveShark 1 Year: $18.00

PeeWee PC: PeeWee KIT

PeeWee PC Kit
PeeWee PC is a USB security suite that provides on and off line safety for children of all ages. It includes parental privacy controls and limits how much time children spend browsing and gaming, blocks inappropriate sites and prevents children from changing system settings. It even comes with a few games to keep those computer-eager kids busy.

Price: $34.95

Credit Card Light Bulb

Credit Card Light Bulb
What a novel idea. Really more of a novelty, but a light bulb credit card is a geeky little conversation starter and a unique stocking stuffer.

Price: $4.99

Bucky Balls

bucky balls
These things (and variations of them) have been all over YouTube. Bucky Balls are tiny little super powerful magnets that you can combine into shapes. Search YouTube to see all the fun things people are making with them.

Price: $29.95 – $34.95

Trek Support

Quirky’s Trek Support is a backpack. It’s also a mobile charging station for your geek on the move. The battery in the backpack can be recharged and will last about 7 hours (depending on what you’re plugging into it).

Price: $130.00

Zibra: Open It!

Zibra Open It
Half the gadgets I get come in the plastic packaging that can defeat the best of men. This year, you might want to make it easier on you and yours with a Zibra. You can’t enjoy all those cool gadgets if you can’t get them open, which Zibra makes easy.

Available at: enjoyZibra.com, Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond and other select national retailers.

Price: $9.99

Of course, there’s also all the obvious gifts like any of the iPod models, iTunes gift cards, an iPad or a Samsung Tab, memory cards (think 8GB and up), and computer and phone accessories like a travel mouse or Bluetooth headset. Games and gaming accessories are always winning gifts, too. Make sure you know what console to buy for and take a sneak peek at what’s in your giftee’s collection so you don’t buy duplicates. What’s on your (or your geek’s) wish list?

Disclosure. A few of the items on my list use referral links that make me money if you buy the item, but they’re still items I would want, myself, for Christmas.

Author: Joe Colburn

Joe Colburn is a software engineer specializing in PHP and a technology enthusiast. Always eager to dive into new and exciting things, Joe writes about anything technology related news and products that he thinks you will also be excited about. Find Joe Colburn on Google+ or by any of the links below.

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