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You may notice that there’s a lot of reviews on JoeTech.com. Companies often send me products to review. In most cases, these products are mine to keep, but in some cases, the company will require the product’s return. While I do not receive cash compensation for most of my reviews, that is the case for some.

For all reviews, paid or not, I do my absolute best to remain objective and honest about my impression of a product. It is for this reason that I require the actual product in hand (or a trial for web sites) in order to do a review, with the very rare exception.

Every product or service receives the same consideration for review. That is to say that I don’t favor a product just because I get to keep it or I got paid to review it. No company is ever led to believe that their review will be positive for any reason. In fact, I try to look for any problems with a product that you’ll never see in it’s marketing because a review is about providing the consumer with valuable and unbiased opinions of a product to help them make an informed purchasing decision.

Links and Ads
This site has some links and ads. Many of these are paid for by our generous and loyal sponsors. Much like television, I bring you free content that I hope you will like and support the time and resources with advertising dollars.

A link or advertisement on JoeTech.com should generally not be considered an endorsement by me.

Affiliate links
Sponsored reviews will not include affiliate links, but reviews I have initiated out of love for the product or service may as well as other posts.

Everything else
You should assume that all other product placement or mention on JoeTech.com involved some form of compensation.

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