iPad Tips And Tricks Infographic

It’s amazing, sometimes, how long you can have a device like an iPad and still not know some of the most useful tips to help you get the most out of it. So… Here’s an infographic to help you out. Some of these tips can apply to your iPhone as well.

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Infographic courtesy of Kensington. Do check out their product line after bookmarking this page.

PDF Max – More Than Just A Reader

I use iBooks for most all my iPad reading activity, but what if you want to do more than just read on your iPad. An iPad app I checked out this week, called PDF Max, goes well beyond reading for iPad power users.


PDF Max Features

By and far, the number one feature is the ability to edit PDFs. Here’s some of what I found in PDF Max:

– Add, move, or delete pages
– Add notes
– Create and fill shapes
– Freehand draw
– Sign documents with your finger
– Add audio notes
– Add stamps like “Approved” or “Confidential”
– Create external links
– Create and edit a document outline
– Tabbed document viewing
– Search within the document

There’s actually a lot more to it, but that’s the stuff that really stood out to me. Of all those features, the ones I think I’ll use the most are the ability to sign documents and the page management. It’s pretty common for me to get a document emailed to me in PDF format and have to print, sign and scan before I can email it back. With PDF Max, I can send the PDF to PDF Max right from my email, sign it, and email it out right from the app. Of course, the ability to email out anything other than the original PDF (without your changes or signature) requires the Pro version of PDF Max. Luckily, it was only $1.99 and came as an in-app purchase, so I didn’t have to stop what I was doing to upgrade. This Pro requirement applies to some extended features like creating shapes in more colors, but the free version let me do everything I listed above without bugging me for an upgrade. There were no ads and the it fell short of being called “nagware” as it didn’t nag me about upgrading. They gave away everything but the one piece I’ll fork over the $1.99 for. Well played, Mobeera.


I absolutely love free, so of course I didn’t like having to pay for the Pro version, but that also means I’m picky and only pay when I see value. Despite giving me nearly everything in the free version, I saw the value of the two dollar upgrade and went for it. As a paying customer, I have but one concern about this app, and that’s the bookmarks. Without adding much to the traditional bookmark model, PDF Max actually made it less user friendly than the iBooks way of bookmarking. In iBooks, I tap a bookmark icon and I’m done and when I look at my bookmarks, I get page previews. In PDF Max, I have to give my bookmark a name. It’s a nice option, but the little bit of work to pre-fill the Name field with “Page [x]” would make it so much better. And page previews would be a great update to the bookmark panel. That said, I really had no other complaints.


If you need to export your PDF with changes, drop the $1.99 for the Pro version of this robust app. Either way, this is a great addition to your iPad, even in the awfully function-rich free version. Both are easily worth every penny.

This was a sponsored review, but all opinions about this app are entirely mine and are a result of spending plenty of time using it.

The Rise Of Android – An Infographic

I’ve reviewed several Android phones, but never owned one. I’ve been a loyal iPhone owner since the iPhone 2. Despite my moderate iPhone slant, I’ve watched a growing Android market evolve to inspire better hardware and more of it year by year. Below is an infographic that shows just how far Android has come in the mobile wars. Is IOS doomed or is this just going to push Apple to future innovations?

Provided by: MBAOnline.com