The Future Starts Here

In 1996, before we had a real grasp of what “viral” would come to mean, Tiffany Shlain started a little thing called the Webby Awards and it quickly grew. Some 17 years later, having experienced success many times, Tiffany is embarking on a new adventure with her show, The Future Starts Here. I’m not yet sure what to expect of the new show which premieres Friday, October 11th, but watch the trailer below for yourself.

While I look forward to checking out the new show, I found myself sucked in by a couple other shows on AOL’s On Originals. The first caught my eye because I love the crowdfunding concept. It’s called Funded and the first episode hits home because it shares a much more uplifting image of Detroit by showcasing Detroit Soup.

Another show I’ll be watching often is iJustine’s Hardwired, where she talks about some pretty cool wearable tech. I have a project you might like, Justine.

Which show will you watch?

Mini Me – Card Stock Mode

A few years ago, I Got my first 3d version of myself in the mail. Had I bought it, I figured the cost to be about $80. Last week, I got a much more affordable version from

While this one is not nearly as life-like, it does have some likeness and a bit of character. And this one runs $11.99 with free shipping. Although I didn’t have to do anything for my own, I played around with the interface for a while and was pretty impressed. What could have been just a cute idea with a clunky interface was instead built into a very friendly site that makes the process really easy. There’s a lot of “me” configurations to choose from as well. As I said, I didn’t do any work on my own, so what was sent to me was a result of someone at using their web interface to generate my likeness on paper.

Early on, I got stuck and wondered how to proceed, but a handy video on the site showed me exactly how it went together and helped me avoid any further confusion. Not too shabby for twelve bucks. Check out the video below as I build my paper mini me.

The Illusion Of Super Lava : Crazy Aaron’s Super Putty

You might have a hard time finding someone who didn’t play with some form of putty or play dough as a child. I can even smell it now when I think of it. When I was sent a 3.2 ounce tin of Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty to review, I was very interested in this new kind of next generation molding stuff.

Crazy Aaron's Super Lava Putty

Having been mistakenly sent to Phoenix and then forwarded on to my in Detroit, it looked like it had really seen better days. Concerned that I wouldn’t be able to review this stuff now, I took a deep breath and pried it from its metal tin, which was easier than expected. It didn’t look impressive at all, but the more I played with it, the more it came back to life, showing some pretty impressive color and softening up. Crazy Aaron’s Putty is one of those products that can’t be reviewed properly with just a photo or two and text, so I put together this review video to give you a better view of this stuff.

The most obvious feature of this putty was the metallic shine and array of color it possessed. The more I played, the cooler it seemed. It still is putty, so your own creativity is required, but it was cooler than I though it would be. While made primarily for kids to enjoy, this could be a treat for adults, too. The Super Lava putty comes from Crazy Aaron’s “Super Illusions” selection which also includes Super Oil Slick and Super Scarab which look like the same stuff only in a cool bright green and deep shiny blue, respectively. They also have holiday colors, magnetic putty (which looks really cool) and pretty much every color.

One of my little quirks is that I don’t like getting oily, waxy, or sticky stuff on my hands. This is not helped by my constant handling of touch screen devices and other electronics all day. I didn’t much like the thought of how my hands would feel after playing with putty, but this stuff left me with a little surprise. After playing with it for about a half hour, there was no trace on my hands at all. There remained no evidence that I was playing with sticky, stretchy putty. That was a nice little bonus.

Around $14 for a few ounces seems like a fair price for the putty you wish you had as a kid and would make a pretty neat stocking stuffer.