Beyond Groupon – Five Niche Money Saving Sites You Can Benefit From

We all love free stuff and good deals this is why sites like LivingSocial and Groupon have become overnight sensations, so to speak. But there are many virtually unknown smaller niche websites offering bargains that are worth getting to know. Here are 5 of those choices for you to consider.


So you have not been able to find that one website name that tells everyone who you are? The suggestions from your friends and family just don’t quite cut it? has a workforce of 55,000 minds offering suggestions for that one domain or brand name to get your attention or your money back. For a simple fee of $50 you do not have to rely on some overly expensive naming company or accept just any lousy name. For a complete slogan it is only $75. All you do is tell what you are looking for in a name or slogan and they do the rest. If you aren’t satisfied you receive a complete refund. What could be easier?


Would you like to know if your online competitors are buying AdWords ads and which keywords generate most traffic for them? iSpionage offers the latest in keeping your business up to date by making you aware of competitor’s advertisements, search engine gaps, managing client campaigns, and so much more. The basic version is free and at only $59 a month, your business is staying abreast of the competition.


When your company has issues with project management or task planning, you have 2 options. You can figure on paying thousands of dollars for help with CRM or you can go to The cost for their services will depend on your company’s employee size. Staffing of 12 or less gives you access to their free basic program and over 12 people is a simple $99 a month. What are you receiving with these plans from Your company gets the benefit of a CRM/Projectmanager/TaskPlanner and the follow-up information so your employees stay up to speed about company business.


Orbitz and Expedia would like you to believe they are the best options for finding the inexpensive flights for your personal or business related travel needs. However, there is another option that scours all the airports, airlines and travel agencies. does what they big boys will not do…they seek out EVERY possible option that exists for low-cost flights. The airlines have their deals with the big names to keep the really cheap flights out of your grasp, but is willing to go the extra step for your benefit.


To really stand out in the marketplace companies have some fancy or glitzy logo to brand their name. At, your company has the ease of opportunity to have a logo made for only 4.95 a month subscription price. Other sites charge upwards of 100 dollars to have logos made for you; however, they may not offer the other things like business cards, letterheads and other logo designs. At your company is gaining all of this for a very minimal cost.

Author: David Deprice

David Deprice writes for NicheGeek.Com, blog about unusual business ideas.

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