I’ve had JoeTech.com for years and years and just haven’t done much with it in the past couple years, so I thought I’d start a blog.  I come across a lot of cool technology news online, so I thought I would share.  From time to time, I have my own projects, too, so I’ll post those when they come up.


You agree that you will not hold post authors, site admins, hosting providers, or anyone else affiliated with the hosting, management, or publication of this site and its content liable for anything that may happen to your computer as a result of visiting, reading, using, etc. this site. If you read a post about how to build a computer and then you proceed to burn your house down trying it on your own, that’s all on you.

I write PHP code for a living. I do not fix laptops, cameras, televisions, robots, cars, bad hearts, bum legs, broken relationships, or elections for a living. If I write a post that mentions or walks you through any of these things and claim to have had success in my own efforts, you should assume that it is my dumb luck. In other words, if you try opening your digital camera, laptop, TV, robot, etc. while following instructions I have posted and you break whatever you are messing with, that sucks, but don’t expect me to send you a check.

Just because I write code for a living, you should not assume that my code is always perfect. Any time you give a computer instructions on what to do, you run a risk of it not working or messing something else up. If something happens as a result of code I provide here or instructions I give, you should be proactive in trying to fix it and not blame it on me. I’ll help if I can, but that’s all I can do.