5 Geeky Ways to Say “I Love You” on Valentine’s Day

If you’re geeky like me, you already know how to geekily say “I Love You”, but what if you’re not and you want to say “I Love You” in a geeky way to your geeky loved one? Don’t worry. I’m here to help.

Geek Love

1. Send an e-card
Send your loved one an electronic greeting card via Blue Mountain or Hallmark.

2. Buy them something extra geeky
Show your smushy-face huney-buns you know what they like by getting them something from Think Geek. If they’re truly geeky, they’ll love it.

3. Say it in Klingon
I’m not a Trekkie, so don’t ask me, but I’m sure there’s a way to say “I Love You” in Klingon.

4. Better yet, say it in Binary


5. Do it with Code
Grab the code for your geek’s favorite programming language here and just replace “hello world” in the code with “I love my geek” or any other message. Don’t worry. These are usually only 1-3 lines of code, so you should have no problem.

So how would YOU say “I Love You” in a geeky way?

Author: Joe Colburn

Joe Colburn is a software engineer specializing in PHP and a technology enthusiast. Always eager to dive into new and exciting things, Joe writes about anything technology related news and products that he thinks you will also be excited about. Find Joe Colburn on Google+ or by any of the links below.

34 thoughts on “5 Geeky Ways to Say “I Love You” on Valentine’s Day”

  1. Mommie: I knew a guy in high school who could program in hexadecimal. I can barely read it. I can convert, but reading it easily enough to rewrite code in it is next to impossible. Your honey sounds like my kinda guy.

  2. Jason: I wonder if one day, paper cards will just not be sent anymore. I doubt it, because there’s people like me who will always buy and give them, but technology seems to take over everything.

  3. narramissic: I was waiting for the rest of the video and it just ended in what looked like the middle. I felt abandoned in my search for uber-geekiness.

    Pam: That is, in fact, binary for “I Love You”. I have this binary shirt, and I love to tell people what it means.

  4. Simple Mindz: I figured my wife wouldn’t want something so geeky, so I ended up making her a photo album with all kinds of craft do-dads and stuff. I didn’t even use a computer for it, except to order prints of a bunch of photos for it.

  5. Michael: I’m in the same boat… see above.

    El Di Pablo: Thanks. Get your Kling on. Sorry. That was bad. I won’t do that again.

  6. That doesn’t look like “I love you” in binary….It looks like “Be sure to drink your Ovaltine” ….

  7. Wanted to try #5 out. But it doesn’t seem to be working. It could be me! I’m no geek. Just a wife of one! ha! Let me know. I would love to say I love you in C#. :) Thanks!

  8. Hello Geeky,

    Your ideas are wonderful to say Happy Valentines Day. I ll also try this tips for sure.

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