1,000 Entrecard Credits (or 4 ads on JohnChow.com) Christmas Contest

It’s time for another contest. This time, I’m giving away 1,000 (that’s ONE THOUSAND) Entrecard credits. If you have an Entrecard account, you probably already know that John Chow has one and it currently costs 240ec (that’s like Entrecard bucks) to put your card on JohnCow.com for a day. Just think… You could get 4 days on JC’s home page for free!

Win 1000 Entrecard points

Entering is really easy!
All you have to do to enter is drop your card on my page. Every time you drop your card, you are entered, so that’s once per day until Christmas morning. If you blog about this contest and link back to this post, I’ll count you in for 20 more entries (if the trackback doesn’t show up below, just comment with the link below). Let’s recap how easy this is:

Drop your Entrecard on me = 1 entry
Blog about it with link = 20 entries

Winner chosen Christmas morning!
You don’t have to celebrate Christmas to win, but that’s the day I’m drawing the winner. So if you celebrate, come back here to see if you won. The winner will be chosen randomly, as always.

While you’re at it, check out John Cow’s Entrecard contest.

UPDATE: Just in case anyone’s curious about my ability to deliver:
Entrecard balance

Author: Joe Colburn

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49 thoughts on “1,000 Entrecard Credits (or 4 ads on JohnChow.com) Christmas Contest”

  1. Cow: I’m trying. I managed to make it to the #1 spot in Technology in just 4 days and now I’m going for overall #1 spot. Or at least lots of traffic from having a contest. I hope I win your contest to offset this one a little. lol

  2. well, your contest is misleading for one, because well its almost impossible to buy a john chow spot even if you have the credits because hes so full. Same thing goes for Cow, problogger and the rest of them.

    Secondly, I entered :)

    We are doing some giveaways for today and tomorrow so check it out

  3. Matthew: It’s not misleading. How do you think the 9 or 10 people who have ads queued up on Cow, Chow, etc. got them queued up. You might have to be quick about it, but you can get them. Now if Chow’s spots cost more than 250ec by Christmas, the winner might have to earn a few extra credits to get 4 full ads, but I have no idea if that will happen or not.

    And nice move giving out $100 cash to 3 people. I’ll have to go over and enter.

  4. Great idea for a contest, of course if I were to win I would use the credits to advertise on JohnCow NOT JohnChow. Anyway card is dropped and post is up but since the trackback didn’t make it here is a link.

  5. Thanks to everyone who is entering and blogging about it!

    Susan: The beautiful part is that you can use them on any site you want, even JoeTech.com. =) Personally, I think the winner should spread them across a few of the top sites for diversity.

  6. I am relatively new to entrecard, and it seems pretty straight forward. BUT, I’m here from another entrecard widget, and I can not find yours to drop my card on. I promise i’m not a total dope, and I’m not computer illiterate. Just can’t find out how to drop my card here!

    Cool blog. I love the Santa hat and sunglasses!

  7. Is this a known issue with Entrecard widgets? There are 2 other sites I have found so far where I can’t see their widgets. Guess I need to ask Entrecard, eh?

  8. Sweet Mummy: were you able to see it on the other page I mentioned above? I think it’s an issue with my theme, but I’ll play with it today to make sure.

  9. This is a Great idea!!! Do you have a clickable image for the 20 entries i can put on my blog or little banner to direct traffic back to your website?

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